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Blue Grass Energy is improving that number for members before most of us even know what it stands for or how much it can mean in energy savings.

HERS, which stands for home energy rating system, is the standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is inspected, measured and rated. It is the electrical equivalent of miles per gallon in fuel.

The ratings go from 0 to 100, according to Roy Honican, residential services coordinator for Blue Grass Energy. HERS is a one-time measurement based on an inspection of the insulation, duct leakage and an air leakage test.

“I have responded to high energy usage complaints since 1998,” Honican says, “but I have never had a high energy usage complaint on a HERS-rated home. That says a lot.”

For years, Honican has collaborated with Steve Wright, owner and president of Shoreline. Wright, a home and commercial builder, puts energy efficiency at the center of all his builds.

“Blue Grass Energy has helped me a lot by providing their service,” Wright says. “That gives me everything we need to build energy-efficient homes. They are good people and good to deal with.”

Wright, who built 91 homes last year, is currently constructing the W Apartments in Brannon Crossing.

Step into these luxury apartments and you will notice many upgrades, including 10-foot ceilings. What you can’t see, touch or smell is the lower energy costs renters will pay because energy efficiency is built into each unit as it is constructed.

Armed with advice from Blue Grass Energy, Wright oversaw the construction and then Blue Grass Energy had Bremen Energy Auditors, LLC, test each unit to determine its HERS rating. Wright says his apartments earn an average 58 while most existing homes would be rated at 100. The lower the number, the better the energy savings.

For Blue Grass Energy members who are building a new home, you can receive a free HERS rating if the home’s heating and water heating are electric. Simply call Roy Honican at 888-546-4243.