Blue Grass Energy is committed to ensuring your personal privacy.  If you have any questions about how Blue Grass Energy protects your information, please contact us at our office – 888-546-4243.

Blue Grass Energy Cooperative Corporation’s (Blue Grass Energy) objectives to protect confidential member information are:

  • To protect member account information collected in order to offer and fulfill its core business purpose.
  • To define the types of information that may be collected.
  • To preserve Blue Grass Energy member’s privacy and confidentiality as we continue to improve and expand our services and delivery channels.

We collect and safeguard member information received from the sources listed below, but not limited to:

  • Member applications
  • Member transaction data with Blue Grass Energy, affiliates or others
  • Usage data gathered by metering systems
  • Consumer-reporting agencies

We use member information, not limited to, but including:

  • Verification of the existence of member’s energy service
  • Communication with members
  • Handling member requests
  • Collection of debts owed Blue Grass Energy by the member
  • Compilation of  information about how Blue Grass Energy website is accessed and utilized
  • Utilization of data to enhance the operations of the cooperative
  • Providing aggregate information to Community Action Agencies as requested.

We do not share member information with outside parties unless (not all inclusive):

  • Information provided helps complete a member initiated transaction: i.e., credit reporting agencies, and only with member’s specific consent.
  • Requested by member
  • Required by law: i.e., subpoena, investigation of fraudulent activity, etc.
  • Information will be used to collect overdue accounts and is provided to collection agency
  • Information is provided to third parties to assist in operational performance; i.e., direct load control, load research usage, etc.
  • Compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requests

Access to member information is limited to employees that have a business reason for knowing such information.  Employees are educated on the importance of confidentiality and member privacy.  Any employee that violates the privacy of a member will be subject to appropriate discipline up to and including discharge.

Blue Grass Energy has appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure member information.