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Benjamin Franklin gave us practical advice when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And he was right. It is easier to prevent a problem than wait until after it’s happened and try to fix it.

This is why we focus on proactively maintaining our infrastructure. From vegetation management to upgrading power lines, we work ahead to avoid service interruptions for our members.

September is a great time for our members to practice Franklin’s advice, too. While we are still experiencing warm temperatures, winter is just a few months away. Before we know it, we will be turning our thermostats to heating instead of cooling.

Typically, utility bills rise during the heating season and preparing now can help mitigate the impact. Having your HVAC system checked prior to the heating season can identify if it is not working properly, giving you the opportunity to make repairs now and not after you receive a high bill.

Weatherizing your home is another impactful way to prepare for winter. Between 25–40% of energy used to heat and cool your home is wasted through air leaks. If a home has an 1/8-inch-wide crack around a door, that’s the equivalent air loss of a 6-inch-square hole, or the same size as a softball. Adding a weatherization strip is a simple, affordable way to make your home more comfortable while saving energy.

As your trusted source for energy and information, we are here to help you manage that impact. As you prepare for the winter heating season, visit our website——for more ways to save. You can also call and talk to one of our highly trained energy advisors. And, because we are local, you can still stop by and see us with any questions you may have.

We are here if you need us.