A Member-Focused Cooperative

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A word from our President & CEO Michael I. Williams

Since opening our doors over 84 years ago, Blue Grass Energy has come a long way. Every step forward has been made only after asking ourselves, “Is this decision best for our members?” And that is one of the many ways that makes us different, we are a member-focused cooperative.

But what does that mean? It means we understand making life better, the cooperative way, for those we serve is the foundation of every decision we make. Our employees work each day to increase the value of your cooperative membership. The success of our work is evident through our competitive energy rates, reliable service, and highly rated member satisfaction.

Take our competitive rates, for example. Over the years, we have continued making technology investments to better serve our members. Leveraging the information that technology provides, we have predictive details immediately available when a service interruption occurs. This allows us to quickly dispatch service personnel with precise information of where the issue could be. This has resulted in a quicker response and faster restoration times, which helps to control our expenses. Controlling expenses has a direct correlation to the rates you pay.

As you can see, it was a member-focused decision to upgrade our technologies. It was done strictly for the end benefit for you. This approach is how we work through each issue that faces our co-op. We start our decision-making process with our members at the center of our focus. Over the next few months, I will share other examples of how being a part Blue Grass Energy is making life better, the cooperative way for you and your families. It is truly my privilege to serve our members.