Fall safety tips

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Fall brings milder temperatures and people are doing those outside projects they might have put off during summer.

We urge members to be aware and follow these simple fall safety tips.

Sweep dry leaves - Be sure to sweep leaves away from outdoor outlets, light fixtures and power cords. Dry leaves can easily catch fire, so be careful of sparks and flammables. Also, keep your outdoor air-conditioning unit clean and clear of autumn debris. Keep your driveway and walkway clear of falling leaves. Wet leaves can create a hazard for pedestrians by making sidewalks slippery.

Use caution on ladders - Wear appropriate footwear when using a ladder. Shoes or boots can be wet, causing you to slip as you climb the ladder. Position the ladder on a flat surface before use.

Look up before pruning trees - Be sure to look up and survey the area carefully before you start. Make careful note of where power lines are located before you set up your ladder so that it is positioned properly.