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Multifamily Homes

Button-Up Weatherization

Members may receive up to $1,370 for energy efficiency improvements, which include adding insulation, replacing windows and air sealing. Your home must be at least two years old and electrically heated to qualify for this rebate.


HVAC Duct Sealing

Members may receive $250 for sealing duct work. You may do the work yourself, or hire a contractor. A Blue Grass Energy representative will perform a duct leakage test before and after duct sealing. This program is for existing homes that are at least two years old.


Heat Pump Retrofit

Members may receive up to a $1,000 incentive for replacement of an existing heat source that must be either an electric furnace, baseboard heat, or ceiling cable heat, with a high-efficiency heat pump. The heat pump must be rated at 13 SEER/7.5 HSPF or higher.

13 SEER7.5 HSPF $500
14 SEER/8.0 HSPF $750
15 SEER/8.5 HSPF $1,000


This program is for existing homes that are least two years old and replacing electric resistance heat.  New manufactured homes also apply.

All rebates are for electrically-heated, residential homes only. If you have questions regarding a multifamily unit, please click here.

For more information on any of these programs, call us toll free at (888) 546-4243 and ask for your local energy advisor.


Home Energy Analysis

Blue Grass Energy can assist you with your energy conservation needs, whether building a new home, or trying to conserve energy in an existing home. We have five certified HERS raters on staff that are highly skilled in “building science solutions”, and are ready to assist you. They have the tools, including infrared cameras to find where your energy dollars may be escaping. They inspect the likely suspects–your insulation, windows, ductwork, water heater, or any other place you think might be troublesome–and suggest changes that will make your home more comfortable and your energy bill lower.  The best part is, energy audits are FREE to all Blue Grass Energy members!

Click here to conduct an online energy analysis.



The SimpleSaver program is another way that Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of Kentucky are working to keep your  electricity affordable and our environment healthy. We will pay you up to $20 annually for each central air conditioner you enroll. Sign up your 40-gallon or greater electric water heater and receive an additional $10 annual credit. That may not sound like a lot of money, but  consider that the program costs you nothing; no effort, no inconvenience and no  discomfort. Why are we willing to pay you? Because limiting electric use at peak times during the  summer and winter delays the construction of expensive new power plants and  helps to keep our fuel costs down which helps keep your energy costs affordable. Managing peak load also decreases  Kentucky’s carbon footprint and  gives all of us more time to explore affordable sources of renewable energy.

With SimpleSaver, you benefit, your co-op benefits and the environment benefits. To sign up, just click here or call 1-800-305-5493.


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