Apply for New Commercial Service

If you need electric service extended to a new service location that has not existed before, you may request that service here. This includes newly constructed homes and businesses.

New service installation is a simple process.

  1. Complete the New Electric/Construction form below. This request should be made well in advance of  the day you need electric service to start so the service can be built in a timely manner.
  2. A Blue Grass Energy staking engineer will survey the site to see where lines and poles should be placed. The engineer also will inform the customer of his/her responsibilities (paying construction costs, clearing right-of-way, installing conduits, obtaining inspection, etc.)
  3. Once the above conditions are met, our construction department will get to work on your new electric service.

In addition, it is the member’s responsibility to contact the inspector assigned to the specific county. Electrical inspectors are appointed and approved by the fiscal court of each county. For a list of County Inspectors, click here.

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